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Madi Boutique - Behind the Counter 2018

Natalee Small

Madi Boutique is a fun, trendy ladies apparel and gift boutique located on the Eastside of Greenville. “We hunt for on-trend fashion that is unique but edgy, stylish yet comfortable,” says owner Stephanie Russell. “We scout local artisans throughout the Southeast, fine tuning our gift selection to target both genders and all age groups.”

Russell and her husband, Richard, have refined their juggling act since opening Madi in October 2016. With four active kids, a full-time job for Richard and a new business for the family, they have to keep a lot of balls in the air. “It can be downright comical at times, but we love this circus act and are truly appreciative for what we have,” Russell says.

Russell spent her twenties working as a department store buyer for Nordstrom, Dillard’s and Bloomingdale’s. That experience, combined with her family’s interest in owning a boutique, was the inspiration behind Madi Boutique, which is an acronym for the Russells’ four children: M(aria), A(nna), D(ylan) and I(sabelle). “When you have a family, they become the center of your universe. So, there was no question that when we started to think of the concept, look and name of our boutique, our children would be at the center of it all.”

The business truly is a family affair. You will often see Richard and the kids working behind the scenes, helping with inventory, breaking down boxes for recycling, wrapping up a sale, and even modeling clothing for social media posts. “We wanted to embrace an area where we felt connected and a sense of community,” Russell says. “It’s exciting to see our little town of Greer flourishing and growing with new shops, restaurants and neighborhoods.”

Russell says her favorite part of owning Madi Boutique is the customers. “The interaction, the connection, the friendships and the confidence they have in me to help them find self-expression, inspiration and comfort in fashion is so very gratifying.”

Madi Boutique offers full-service style consulting, and prides itself on being a treasure trove for unique and unusual gifts, as well as a rescue center for husbands aiming to please. Russell says one-of-a-kind customer service is what she strives for every day, and she wants the store to have a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. Teachers get a 10% discount anytime they shop.

“Styling customers based on their personality and lifestyle helps us create confidence and loyalty,” Russell says. “We are successful if each customer leaves feeling refreshed, styled, confident and inspired.”

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